street name: Freesia

god-given name: Freesia Refracta

colors available: white, yellow, orange, pink

seasonality: Available year-round but best in spring and summer

meaning: Innocence

cost: $1.50 per stem


The Model Vase

If we had to give a vase a personality, this vase would be the tall, leggy girl in your life that’s not just beauty; she’s brains too. And you can’t even hate on her because she’s unbelievably nice, so you just kind of quietly envy her.

Introducing, the model vase. And yes, you can rent her!! To get more information on this beauty and to peek at our other rental options, reach out at!


Holiday Decor Throwback with Emma Magazine

Last fall we got to play with Sarah Hubbell of Emma Magazine and we never had the chance to share with you. As we ramp up for Thanksgiving this year, we thought it would be fun to share a little throwback.

Emma Mag - Thanksgiving Flowers
Emma Mag - Thanksgiving Flowers
Emma Mag - Thanksgiving Flowers
photo: Talk Studios for Emma Magazine

When creating a centerpiece for a holiday table, keep it short. You want to create a community with your guests and forcing them to talk around a HUGE floral centerpiece is not the best way to do that. We love the idea of a series of bud vases or one smaller arrangement in the center of the table to add a pop of flowers to your table without being overwhelming. Steer clear of anything that has a strong scent because it could cause the flavors in your food to taste…off… Aside from those guidelines, you can let your imagination run free!!