affordable flowers



street name: Lisianthus

god-given name: Eustoma

colors available: Purple, Pink, White

meaning: Calm

seasonality: Summer

cost: $3 to $6 a stem


Scabiosa Pods


street name: Scabiosa pods, starflower pincushion

god-given name: Scabiosa Stellata

colors available: blue, brown

seasonality: Available year round

meaning: unfortunate love

cost: $1.50 per stem

Plume Grass


street name: Plume Grass

god-given name: Erianthus Ravannae

colors available: brown

meaning: n/a

seasonality: Late summer and early fall

cost: $7 – 10 per bunch

tips & tricks:

  • These shoots are TALL and thin (like a supermodel). Their fuzzy tops are heavy so they create the most gorgeous, elegant bend when used in arrangements
  • The fuzzy tops are always a great way to add a unique texture to an otherwise standard bouquet/arrangement
  • The stems are extremely delicate so be cautious when working with them


street name: Mums

god-given name: Pompons Cushion (Lavender)

colors available: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Pink, Lavender, and Red

meaning: loyalty, truth, optimism, joy, longevity, and friendship

seasonality: year-round availability

cost: $5-8/bunch

tips & tricks & facts:

  • These blooms are extremely cost effective and hardy! If you give your mums fresh water every few days and trim the stems, they can last a few weeks in your home.
  • Because mums come in such a wide range of colors, they are fantastic filler flower for almost any arrangement
  • These flowers grow in sprays so they are a great way to fill blank spaces in your arrangements
  • Mums are unscented so they make the perfect addition to centerpieces


street name: Peruvian Lily

god-given name: Alstroemeria

colors available:  pink, white, orange, red, yellow, purple

meaning: wealth, prosperity, fortune, and friendship

seasonality: available year-round

cost: less than $1/stem

tips & tricks (and fun facts):

  • These are an excellent filler flower. They are affordable and lend fullness to bouquets and arrangements.
  • These flowers do not have a scent so they work well in centerpieces.
  • It is named after the Swedish botanist Klas von Alstroemer.