orange flowers



street name: Tulip

god-given name: Tulipa Gesneriana

colors available: Pink, Yellow, Red, White, Purple, Orange

seasonality: Available year-round but they’re the best in early spring

meaning: Elegance, Grace

cost: $1.50 – $4 per stem




street name: Freesia

god-given name: Freesia Refracta

colors available: white, yellow, orange, pink

seasonality: Available year-round but best in spring and summer

meaning: Innocence

cost: $1.50 per stem



street name: Coxcomb

god-given name: Celosia cristata

colors available: yellow, orange, magenta, red, & green

meaning: n/a

seasonality: summer & fall

cost: $8-10 for a bunch

tips & tricks:

We love coxcomb for its incredible texture. Not only is this bloom fuzzy to the touch, but it also resembles a brain in the coolest way possible. Mix it in with traditional flowers such as roses to offset an otherwise standard bouquet or use it with other unique flowers to create a truly breath-taking arrangement. These are large so use them as focal flowers rather than filler.