spring flowers



street name: Cornflower

god-given name: Centaurea cyanus

colors available: blue, white, pink, red, purple

meaning: n/a

seasonality: Spring

cost: $10 to $12 a bunch




street name: Tulip

god-given name: Tulipa Gesneriana

colors available: Pink, Yellow, Red, White, Purple, Orange

seasonality: Available year-round but they’re the best in early spring

meaning: Elegance, Grace

cost: $1.50 – $4 per stem



street name: Ranunculus

god-given name: Ranunculus Asiaticus

colors available: Orange, Yellow, Peach, Pink, Red, White

meaning: Radiant Charm

seasonality: Spring & Fall

cost: $3 to $5 per stem

tips & tricks:
These sweet blooms are a more delicate flower. Be cautious when designing as to not damage the flower (or snap the stems!). To make your floral design more interesting, and your life a little bit easier, follow the curve of the stem when arranging with this bloom!

Blue Thistle


street name: Blue Thistle

god-given name: Eryngium planum

colors available: Blue

meaning: pain, protection, and pride

seasonality: available year-round

cost: $8 – 10 per bunch

tips & tricks:

  • Thistle is hearty and will last 10-12 days in a vase if cared for properly
  • It drys extremely well so if you are looking to preserve it, you’re in luck!
  • This is beautiful but very prickly! If you’re using it in bouquets, corsages, or crowns make sure it is cushioned by softer foliage.
  • We love to use blue thistle as a filler in otherwise soft, delicate bouquets and arrangements


street name: Mums

god-given name: Pompons Cushion (Lavender)

colors available: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Pink, Lavender, and Red

meaning: loyalty, truth, optimism, joy, longevity, and friendship

seasonality: year-round availability

cost: $5-8/bunch

tips & tricks & facts:

  • These blooms are extremely cost effective and hardy! If you give your mums fresh water every few days and trim the stems, they can last a few weeks in your home.
  • Because mums come in such a wide range of colors, they are fantastic filler flower for almost any arrangement
  • These flowers grow in sprays so they are a great way to fill blank spaces in your arrangements
  • Mums are unscented so they make the perfect addition to centerpieces



street name: Coast Banksia

god-given name: Integrifolia

colors available: Dark green and beige

meaning: (none)

seasonality: year-round availability

cost: $7-12/bunch

tips & tricks & facts:

  • These leaves are dark green on the top with a smooth texture and ridged with a beige color on the bottom
  • The stems are hearty so these make excellent support for more delicate flowers
  • This is protea foliage (and we loveeee protea around here)
  • While this foliage is from a tropical plant, paired with the right ingredients it can take on a very moody quality

Allium Bullet


street name: Allium Bullet

god-given name: Allium Sativum

colors available: Green with purple

meaning: elegance and perfection

seasonality: available year-round

cost: $15/bunch

tips & tricks & facts:

  • This beautiful bloom is in the same family as garlic
  • You can find allium in multiple forms. The bud pictured is a cut before the allium blooms fully.
  • We love the odd shape and texture of allium. It can be heavy so the stem will curve gracefully to create a unique look within an arrangement
  • Mix this in with more traditional blooms to give your arrangement an edge