summer flowers



street name: Lisianthus

god-given name: Eustoma

colors available: Purple, Pink, White

meaning: Calm

seasonality: Summer

cost: $3 to $6 a stem



street name: Chamomile Daisy

god-given name: Asteraceae

colors available: White petals with yellow centers

meaning: Energy in Adversity

seasonality: Summer

cost: $8 – 10 per bunch

tips & tricks:
We already blogged about chamomile buttons (these lovely flowers sans leaves), so our only tip here is that if you want these blooms petal-less you have that option! Check out the Chamomile Button post for more tips!

TBT: Standard Wax + Hoot & Holler

We kind of have a thing for local businesses (because we are one…).  One of our favorites is Standard Wax.  Seriously, their candles are amazing and come in the most attractive packaging ever.  The awesome duo behind Standard Wax concocted a floral scent last summer and we teamed up to create an arrangement in the jar of their new candle. We originally posted about it on our old blog and have been so excited to revisit such a fun project.




street name: Coxcomb

god-given name: Celosia cristata

colors available: yellow, orange, magenta, red, & green

meaning: n/a

seasonality: summer & fall

cost: $8-10 for a bunch

tips & tricks:

We love coxcomb for its incredible texture. Not only is this bloom fuzzy to the touch, but it also resembles a brain in the coolest way possible. Mix it in with traditional flowers such as roses to offset an otherwise standard bouquet or use it with other unique flowers to create a truly breath-taking arrangement. These are large so use them as focal flowers rather than filler.

Plume Grass


street name: Plume Grass

god-given name: Erianthus Ravannae

colors available: brown

meaning: n/a

seasonality: Late summer and early fall

cost: $7 – 10 per bunch

tips & tricks:

  • These shoots are TALL and thin (like a supermodel). Their fuzzy tops are heavy so they create the most gorgeous, elegant bend when used in arrangements
  • The fuzzy tops are always a great way to add a unique texture to an otherwise standard bouquet/arrangement
  • The stems are extremely delicate so be cautious when working with them

Blue Thistle


street name: Blue Thistle

god-given name: Eryngium planum

colors available: Blue

meaning: pain, protection, and pride

seasonality: available year-round

cost: $8 – 10 per bunch

tips & tricks:

  • Thistle is hearty and will last 10-12 days in a vase if cared for properly
  • It drys extremely well so if you are looking to preserve it, you’re in luck!
  • This is beautiful but very prickly! If you’re using it in bouquets, corsages, or crowns make sure it is cushioned by softer foliage.
  • We love to use blue thistle as a filler in otherwise soft, delicate bouquets and arrangements


street name: Mums

god-given name: Pompons Cushion (Lavender)

colors available: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Pink, Lavender, and Red

meaning: loyalty, truth, optimism, joy, longevity, and friendship

seasonality: year-round availability

cost: $5-8/bunch

tips & tricks & facts:

  • These blooms are extremely cost effective and hardy! If you give your mums fresh water every few days and trim the stems, they can last a few weeks in your home.
  • Because mums come in such a wide range of colors, they are fantastic filler flower for almost any arrangement
  • These flowers grow in sprays so they are a great way to fill blank spaces in your arrangements
  • Mums are unscented so they make the perfect addition to centerpieces