unique vases

Spiked Vases

To say that these spiked vases are one of our favorites would be a dramatic understatement. We LOVE using them because of their incredibly unique look as well as their ability to blend with a huge array of styles. These beauties are available in our rental collection. Scroll down to peek at two of our favorite arrangements that lived in these containers in the past.



photos by: Anna Zajac and Galaxie Andrews


The Model Vase

If we had to give a vase a personality, this vase would be the tall, leggy girl in your life that’s not just beauty; she’s brains too. And you can’t even hate on her because she’s unbelievably nice, so you just kind of quietly envy her.

Introducing, the model vase. And yes, you can rent her!! To get more information on this beauty and to peek at our other rental options, reach out at hello@hootandholler.co!


Norah Vases

We can’t get enough of our sweet Norah vases. We love to use these to showcase bright blooms and to bring an industrial vibe to an otherwise dainty arrangement. What we’re saying is… these vases will make you look really cool and show your friends that you have great taste. Win/win, right?

View More: http://ryannlindseyphotography.pass.us/valentinesflowers

You can rent these and many other unique vases from us for your events both big and small! Reach out to us at hello@hootandholler.co for more information.